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You should never stop learning, no matter how old you are. Knowledge is a treasure that nobody can ever take away from you. Lifelong learning and self-development improve the quality of life, open new possibilities and broaden your horizons. Our online Swedish courses are suitable for people of any age.

Learning a language is an important stepping stone in achieving career goals and building a bright future. If you have decided to learn a new language, WebTeachers is here to help you. WebTeachers online language school allows you to take a high-quality Swedish course without having to leave your home. How is that possible?

Swedish Language Courses

In this article, you will find out:

● Why you should learn Swedish online?
● Interesting facts about Sweden
● Why you should learn Swedish?
● How you can learn Swedish effectively
● The learning objectives of the Swedish private lessons
● How much Swedish course by the language school WebTeachers costs?


Why learn Swedish online?

 There is a trend of learning all sorts of things online, not just languages. In a world where time is of foremost importance and we are often short of it in the daily grind, learning a language online is a better alternative to a traditional language course.

Saving time is just one of the advantages of online learning. Online courses are also significantly cheaper, while being just as effective as traditional ones. The only things you need are a smartphone, internet access and the desire to learn.

Learn anywhere, anytime. Sounds impossible? Try it right now and take a course through WebTeachers online language school!


Interesting facts about Sweden

 Sweden is the fifth largest European country, but it has the second lowest number of inhabitants per square kilometre across Europe. There are thousands of lakes, streams, mountains, and hills in Sweden. There are vast areas of snow-covered mountains and forests in the North of Sweden. Did you know that forests take up two-thirds of Swedish territory? The capital of Sweden is Stockholm, and it is best known in Latvia as a cruise destination.

Sweden takes pride in its population of wild elks, of which there are about 350,000 individuals. A Swedish passport has been rated as the sixth best in the world, because a holder of a Swedish passport can visit 124 countries without a visa.

The world-famous pop group ABBA comes from Sweden. Many foreigners associate Sweden with its musicians, working in various genres, who are famous across the world.

Sweden is also known for having the largest number of McDonald’s restaurants per person, but in spite of that, Swedes are not prone to an unhealthy lifestyle or obesity.

Another positive fact about Sweden is that recycling is so developed there that nowadays Sweden imports waste from other countries and earns money by recycling it.

Interesting facts about Sweden

Why learn Swedish?

There are 39 Swedish universities that compete in the international market; the level of education is very high and prepares competitive young specialists. Language skills are crucial for studying in Sweden, as they facilitate the learning process. If you are planning on working in Sweden, then the ability to speak Swedish can help you climb higher on the career ladder, because at some workplaces, a promotion can depend on the employee’s level in Swedish. Most Swedish companies are not okay with their employees only being able to speak English, so many employers demand the ability to speak Swedish from their workers, because communication and group work are the key to success in almost any company, and for that it is important to learn Swedish.

For those residing in Latvia, speaking Swedish can be an advantage in finding a well-paid job. English skills are a matter-of-course requirement in most large and well-known enterprises. The ability to speak Swedish can be appreciated and applied even if you live and work right here, in Latvia.

The Scandinavian languages – Danish, Swedish, and Norwegian – share many similarities. If you learn Swedish, you will also be able to partially understand the other ones. About 20 million people speak a Scandinavian language as their native language.


The learning objectives of online Swedish course

Is it your goal to learn the basics of Swedish, or would you like to acquire a higher level of proficiency in the language? WebTeachers will help you to reach your desired goal. The lessons are suitable both for beginners and for people with some prior knowledge.

Learn Swedish in order to:

● improve your speaking skills;
● prepare for an exam or a job interview;
● improve your grammar;
● be able to communicate with friends/relatives/colleagues;
● learn to how use Swedish in specialised areas;
● simply for your own enjoyment and personal growth.

The learning objectives of online Swedish course

How to learn Swedish effectively

There are many different effective ways to learn a new language nowadays. Before, your only option was to learn a language the traditional way, but now there are many more opportunities.

In the current age of technology, one of the effective ways of somewhat improving your understanding of a language or at least learning some basics is to change the language of your phone or computer. Writing and searching will seem difficult at first, but after a short while you will find that you already know the alphabet and some vocabulary.

Listening to audiobooks, films, or podcasts definitely is another effective way of quickly picking up a language. Why not watch your favourite series in Swedish? Various studies have shown that this is a good way of acquiring a foreign language. One of the most interesting series originally in Swedish is “Welcome to Sweden”.

Private online lessons are the learning method that is in the highest demand right now. The motto of online language courses could be “Faster, cheaper, more convenient and more effective.” Taking an online Swedish course is not that difficult – it is just like a traditional course, but with more benefits and more convenience.

How much does the online Swedish courses cost?

The online Swedish courses for adults and children offered by WebTeachers vary in fee depending on preliminary knowledge and goals set forth by the student. We are fully prepared to adapt to your particular reasons for learning Swedish and to find the most professional teacher suitable for you, so that you achieve your learning goals as fast as possible.


The fee depends on the qualifications of the teacher. We offer both group sessions and private lessons, so our fees can vary significantly. We have to take into consideration how prepared the student is and how quickly they are ready to progress. These are the best language courses for adults, because we offer a unique personalised study plan for each student.


The price of a single private lesson in Swedish is in the range of 6 to 30 EUR.