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WebTeachers offers the most convenient and cost-efficient Norwegian language courses. The only things that you need are internet access, a smart device (you can use your phone) and, of course, the desire to learn Norwegian online. Norway is known not only for the high standard of living, but also for the wonderful and unique nature. There are no scandals that could damage this country’s reputation. Others feel reverence for it. In our opinion, Norway is a great country to connect your future with.

In this article, you will find out:

● What should you learn Norwegian for?
● Why learn Norwegian online?
● The Norwegian language and its origins
● Is Norway an exemplary country?
● Types of Norwegian online courses
● How much do Norwegian language courses at WebTeachers language school cost?

Learn Norwegian Online

What should you learn Norwegian for?

There are many, many reasons why you could decide to learn a language. The country’s unique appeal stems not just from the high standard of living, but also from its wonderful nature. It is a delight to live in a place with such breath-taking views.

If you are looking to improve your life, then Norway is the place for you. It can offer you countless possibilities and a pleasant, high-quality, and tidy environment to live in.

A big advantage is that Norwegian is considered one of the easiest languages to learn. The Norwegian vocabulary is not overwhelming, and there are certain similarities with English – for example, similar verb tenses and some identical words. Norwegian is a close relative of English.

By learning Norwegian with WebTeachers, you will be making a huge step in building a life and career in Norway. If you would like to change your day-to-day environment and improve your quality of life, then this is your chance to apply. We only live once, so we should make the most of it!


Why learn Norwegian online?

Online private lessons are the best way to learn Norwegian, because they offer considerable flexibility, and their effectiveness has been proved. Some facts about online lessons:

● By studying online, you can save time, energy, and money;
● When starting out, a personalised learning plan can be created, after considering such factors as student’s free time, learning speed, and goals;
● Typically, less students attend online courses than traditional ones, so the teacher can devote more time and attention to each student;
● In the time of pandemic, online lessons can keep you safe from getting infected with the virus. This is good not just for you and your family, but for the whole society;
● You can attend your courses from any place that has internet access.


Apply for Norwegian language courses on home page http://www.webteachers.eu/ or by calling us. We will create a personalised learning plan for you, so that your way to achieving your goals is faster and more efficient.


The Norwegian language and its origins.

In the beginning of the 11th century, Christianity reached Scandinavia (including Norway), and with it came the Latin alphabet. The languages of Northern Europe were actively developing and spreading at that time. It is known that since the formation of the Kalmar Union, there was one common language in Denmark and Norway – Danish.

In 1814, Denmark left the Union, and throughout the 19th century, Norwegian authors were experimenting and slowly developing their own unique language. In the early 20th century, following two reforms, Norwegian became the official language of Norway.

Norwegian belongs to the Indo-European language family. It is a part of the North Germanic branch, along with Swedish, Faroese, Danish, and Icelandic. Nowadays about 5 million people speak it.

There are 29 letters in the Norwegian alphabet. Twenty six of them are standard Latin letters, but the other three have special diacritic markings – Æ, Ø, Å. Norwegians share their alphabet with Danes, so sometimes it is called the Dano-Norwegian alphabet.


Is Norway an exemplary country?

Norway is considered an excellent location to live in, spend time in, or simply visit. The unique features of the Norwegian landscape are the steep mountains and long, narrow inlets known as fjords. Just think about it – there are 291 mountains that are higher than 2000 metres in the country! There are also many glaciers in Norway, the largest of which, “Jostedalsbreen”, has an area of 485 km²!

Norway is the fifth largest country in Europe by area, but that territory is not densely populated. There are 5 million people living in Norway. This country is definitely not overpopulated, and you can feel free and peaceful without anyone bothering you. An interesting fact is that in 2007 Norway was rated the most peaceful country in the world!

Norway is the fourth largest exporter of oil in the world and is one of the richest countries. Its currency, the Norwegian krone, is considered to be one of the most stable currencies.

It is worth to mention here that Norway has the highest Human Development Index of all the countries in the world. The index is influenced by the life expectancy, level of education and level of income. Is that not impressive? These few facts that we mentioned prove that it is a prosperous country with a bright future.


Types of Norwegian online courses

Aside from individual private lessons and group lessons, we also offer corporate language courses. They can be useful for organisation and companies. Our teachers can help you to undertake any project connected to foreign language acquisition.

We consider it of foremost importance to establish effective communication with a client and to understand their needs. We consider the services we offer to be of highest quality, because we can accommodate any client and help them reach their goals. Start learning right now – the first introductory lesson offered by WebTeachers is free!

types of Norwegian language courses

How much do Norwegian language courses at WebTeachers language school cost?

Language school WebTeachers Norwegian language price range is about ~ 6-30 EUR per hour. The price of the course also depends on the teacher's qualification. It is also essential how specifically you want to learn a particular language. If you wish the teacher's mother tongue to be Norwegian, the lessons will be a little more expensive. The price is also affected by the language in which the courses are conducted.

It is possible to learn the language both in private lessons and in group lessons. The prices of group lessons differ from the costs of private lessons. At the language school, it is possible to learn languages ​​for adults and children - we will make a specially designed plan for everyone to learn Norwegian as quickly and efficiently as possible. We will find the best specialist for your language acquisition specific.