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WebTeachers, an online language school, offers English language courses that allow you to combine learning with work, study or hobbies. This is the most convenient way to attend classes, as you can learn the language anywhere, anytime. In online English private lessons, the learning process is adapted to the pace and skills of learning, so the training is suitable for people of all ages. If you have caught yourself thinking “How to speak English fluently?”, then you are in the right place!

In this article, you will learn:

● Why is it worth learning English?
● Why should you attend English language courses online?
● How long does it take to learn English?
● Purposes of attending private lessons
● English speaking course offers to enterprises
● About English
●How widespread is English in the world and in Europe?
● Interesting facts
● What is the price of English language courses?


Why is it worth learning English?

English is used as an international language of communication because it is widely used on all continents. Private English lessons will help you learn the language so you can communicate with people around the world. Also, knowledge of English will open up new job opportunities. English is also a language of communication in maritime and air transport. This means that you need to learn English if you want to become a sailor or a pilot. Several international organizations, such as Microsoft, Samsung, and Renault, are recognized as an official working language, which confirms English's importance in business and technology.

English language courses are also recommended if you are interested in travelling. English is one of the languages ​​of tourism. Even in countries where the official language is different, English knowledge helps and an advantage when travelling.

It is necessary to know English if you want to study abroad, which opens up opportunities for education in international schools. English is also used in science, so it will provide access to many, many resources.

Many of the world's best movies, series, games, music and books are published in English. By learning English in private lessons, you will have access to a wide range of entertainment, as you will no longer have to wait for translations and search for subtitles to enjoy the entertainment.

Why should you attend English language courses online?

Online learning is becoming more and more relevant today. It is a modern, convenient and easy way to learn new skills. English language courses will provide countless benefits, opening up new opportunities for careers, travel, and entertainment. Employers are increasingly appreciating multi-lingual skills, so knowing English will help you find the job you dream of, and there will be a wealth that no one can take away. Come and attend English courses at the online language school WebTeachers now!

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How long does it take to learn English?

There is no set number of lessons needed to learn English. It depends on how much time you spend learning the language. To understand the most straightforward phrases, a few lessons in English will suffice. If the motivation is to speak and write fluently in English, it can take the training over a year.

WebTeachers online private English lessons and their content are tailored to each person individually and according to skills, needs and motivation. This learning approach facilitates more manageable and more effective learning of English. We recommend consuming television, radio, movies, series, music and literature, and studying English courses to learn the language faster.

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Purposes of attending English private lessons

WebTeachers teachers will help you achieve your language learning goals and motivate and provide the necessary support. Attend WebTeachers English course private lessons:

● To prepare for the language exam.
● To improve conversational skills.
● To acquire new knowledge.
● To improve existing experience and learn English grammar.
● To communicate with foreign friends.
● To prepare for the trip.
● To enhance understanding of specific areas, such as medicine, IT, business.

English speaking course offers to enterprises

WebTeachers offers both group and individual English speaking courses for companies. Professional instructors will adapt the content of English speaking courses to your company's needs with a modern approach.

Why choose WebTeachers for your company:

● the time, duration and place of the classes are adjusted to your wishes and needs.
● teachers work in such a way that the language learning goals are achieved as soon as possible.
● collective and individual knowledge tests are performed before and after the start of classes.
● we follow the progress of knowledge, the pace of learning and attendance of lessons.
● upon completion of the courses, a certificate is issued to all participants.
● we offer wallet-friendly prices and the possibility to divide the training fee into several payments.

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About English language

English belongs to the Germanic language family and is one of the languages ​​of the West Germanic branch. The most similar to English are Dutch and German. The alphabet consists of 26 Latin letters and an apostrophe. The pronunciation of English words tends to differ from their spelling, which may seem the most difficult in learning English. Also, there are many dialects in English - there are already 50 in the United States! Learning English grammar is not as hard as it may seem – many people found out that the structure of English is very understandable, and it really helps one to achieve fluency. English is being used more and more, including in various fields such as business, science and education. British scientists believe that by 2050, half of the world's population will speak English.

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How widespread is English in the world and in Europe?

English is a common language - it is the official language in 54 countries, such as Great Britain, Ireland, Canada, Australia. English is the most common language in the United States. However, there is no official language, but some states have declared English as the official language. The official language is not always related to the language used in the country. For example, in India and Pakistan, English is the official language in business. Still, people speak other languages ​​in their private lives.

English ranks third after Chinese and Spanish as the most extensive language globally. It is the native language of almost 400 million people. There are many more English speakers worldwide, about 20% of the world's population, as many have learned it as a foreign language. There are around 370 million English speakers in Europe. Many European countries have a high level of English speaking, as they learn the language from an early age. For example, in Scandinavia, at least 67% speak English.

The spread of English in the world

Interesting facts

In English, the most common letter is e. The longest word consists of 45 letters, it is used in science as a name for lung disease. Also, one new word is introduced in English every two hours, so 400 new comments are added to the English dictionary every year.

English is formed by interacting with other languages. Its development has been influenced by history, so the vocabulary consisted of words from various other languages, mostly French and Latin.

The English poet and playwright William Shakespeare, known for his famous play "Romeo and Juliet, " has influenced the English language and literature development by inventing more than 1,000 words still used by English speakers today.

What is the price of English language courses?

The price of English language courses offered by WebTeachers for adults and children depends on the level of human knowledge, how fast the language needs to be learned, and how much it is necessary to adapt the training to the student.

The price depends on the teacher's qualifications. Both group lessons and individual lessons are available. The cost of training courses can vary greatly. The person's level of preparation and how fast this student is ready to learn must also be taken into account. These are the best language courses for adults because we will prepare an individual course plan for each person who wants to learn to achieve the set goals.

Prices for private English lessons range from 6 to 30 EUR per hour.