Russian language classes

Russian language classes

Russian is the 8 most spoken language in the world! 258 million people speak Russian. So, it is not surprising that Russian language classes are one of the most demanded language courses!

A large part of the European language is based on Latin. Russian is unique with its pronunciation, structure, and Cyrillic alphabet. It contains twice as many vowels and additional consonants.

Interesting fact - did you know you couldn't be an astronaut without knowing Russian?


In this article, you will find out:

● Why should you learn Russian?
● Why should you learn Russian language classes online?
● Who are online Russian courses suitable for?
● Interesting facts about Russia
● How much do private Russian lessons cost?


Why should you learn Russian?

Russia's official state language is Russian. Today, however, some part of Russia's younger generation has started to use English as the second language of communication. Nowadays, Russians speak more than 100 minority languages. However, Russian language knowledge, at least at the level of conversation, is essential to communicate better with the Russian people. Russian language knowledge is vital not only in Russia but also in Eastern Europe and Central Asia.

 The Russian language skills will open you the doors to more significant employment opportunities, as well as the possibility of establishing business contacts with representatives of Russian-speaking countries.

 Do you still doubt that Russian skills will open new opportunities for you?

Learning the Russian language, you will be able to:

● Travel safely to Russia and other Russian-speaking countries
● Read Russian literature
● Enjoy Russian movies, watch Russian TV shows and listen to Russian music.
● To talk to people of Russian nationality.

Although it may seem very difficult to learn Russian from the basics initially, your efforts will lead to success.

Learn Russian language

Why should you learn Russian language classes online?

 In some countries of the world, it may be challenging to find suitable Russian language classes. If you want to learn to speak Russian, it may be hard in a big group, due to the big number of other students. The most common difficulties are the availability of classes, lesson schedules and learning in groups.

An excellent alternative to studying languages on-site is online private language courses, with the main benefits of:

● You can start studying at any time.
● Learn from any convenient location for you
● Teaching is organized according to an individual plan.
● The teacher will help you achieve the desired goal in language training on an individual basis.
● Learn at any time
● Prices of online classes are friendlier than on-site courses.


Note that if you want to learn how to write and read in Russian, you will have to learn the Cyrillic alphabet and spelling for beginners. On the other hand, if you want to learn only to speak in Russian, the teacher will ease the teaching process and focus on Russian-language courses by concentrating on communicative learning.

 In the Russian language lessons, you will have to learn Russian pronunciation and top your listening skills, which will help you develop your Russian pronunciation and understanding of Russian speech.


Who are online Russian courses suitable for?

 Online language courses are suitable for all age groups, regardless of the language level. There are only a student and a teacher in the lessons- that's why they are called private lessons.

 The experience of Russian language education has shown that children learn Russian quickly than adults. Therefore, motivate your children to start studying Russian as soon as possible, giving them more opportunities for future employment and interest.

However, if you are an adult, don't be afraid of the challenges of learning new skills! Online language instruction is directly suitable for you to successfully cope with the challenges of learning Russian.

 We offer individual lesson plans to students of all age groups who want to learn Russian more successfully. Regardless of the level of knowledge, we call on all interested in the Russian language to try our school's online Russian language courses – the first lesson is on us!

 Can you imagine a better way to learn Russian more quickly and more appropriately?

Look at our offer and start learning Russian right now!

Online Russian Language Courses

Interesting facts about Russia

 Russia is the largest country in the world. It spans more than an eighth of the world's land area. Moscow, Russia's capital, is Russia's largest city and one of the largest metropolises of Europe and the world.

 In the world, Russian culture is remarkable with vivid and rich impact on literature, architecture, art, classical music, and ballet. Moscow is most recognized by UNESCO's World Heritage List, the former Orthodox Church of Vasilly's Blessed Cathedral, a fantastic ornate 16th-century Russian architecture.

 Peter Tchaikovsky, the author of the 19th-century classical ballet "Swan Lake" music, gained world fame as the greatest composer of ballet music in his life.

The ballet troupe of St. Petersburg's Mary Opera and Ballet Theatre is one of the oldest and most famous ballet troupes in Russia and worldwide.

 The matryoshka is a wooden doll, where several of the same smaller dolls can be placed in the largest doll. It is not only a historic Russian children's toy. Nowadays, it is recognizable as the symbol of Russia and is the most demanded Russian souvenir. Matryoshka traditionally consists of at least six Russian traditional painted dolls. Each doll symbolizes a young Russian peasant in a popular dress.

Interesting facts about Russia

How much do private Russian lessons cost?

The language range of WebTeachers is vast and is influenced by various factors. Suppose you want the teacher's native language to be the language you wish to learn. In that case, the lessons will be a little more expensive than with a teacher whose native language is not. The price of the courses also depends on the teacher's qualifications and level of knowledge.

The person's level of preparation and how fast this student is ready to learn must also be taken into account. These are the best language courses for adults because we will prepare an individual course plan for each person who wants to learn to achieve the set goals.

At a language school, it is possible to learn languages ​​for adults and children. It is possible to learn the language in private lessons and group lessons. The prices of group lessons also differ significantly from the costs of private lessons.

Prices for private lessons in Russian range from 6 to 30 EUR per class.