Lithuanian language courses

WebTeachers, an online language school, offers online Lithuanian language courses that will allow you to combine studies with work, studies or hobbies. This is the most convenient way to attend classes where the knowledge gained will open up new opportunities for you. Lithuanian language courses are facilitated by teachers' adjustment to your learning’s pace, time, and skills. Moreover, language training is adapted to people of all ages, no previous experience is required - learn Lithuanian whether you are a beginner or have experience.

In this article, you will find out:

● Why is it worth to know the Lithuanian language?
● Why should you study Lithuanian language at online courses?
● Do you offer Lithuanian language courses for companies?
● Objectives of learning one-by-one
● About the Lithuanian language
● Lithuanian language in the world
● About Lithuania
● Interesting facts
● How much do private lessons in Lithuanian cost?


Why is it worth to know the Lithuanian language?

There are only two living Baltic languages ​​left in the world - Latvian and Lithuanian. This is one reason to attend Lithuanian language courses, as it will open up opportunities to learn one of the oldest but still living languages. Sanskrit has many related words with the Lithuanian language. The Lithuanian language has not changed dramatically in history and cultural influence, so it can be considered the most archaic of the Indo-European languages. Wouldn't it be great to know one of the oldest languages ​​in the world?

Private lessons in Lithuanian will be useful if you plan to work or stay in Lithuania for a more extended period, as more than 80% of the population is their mother tongue. Lithuania is a great place to start a business or work in science. Translations into Lithuanian are performed in many different fields, including logistics, medicine, construction, financial sector, science and others. The knowledge gained from Lithuanian language courses can open up new career opportunities and help you save time and money by allowing you to do without translators' services.

Vilnius University is one of the oldest universities in Eastern Europe, and it is also recognised as one of the best higher education institutions. To study there, of course, prior knowledge of the Lithuanian language is required, so Lithuanian language courses are recommended for people who want to learn in Lithuania.

Besides, if you understand Latvian, it will take less time to learn to speak Lithuanian. As both languages ​​have similar grammar, knowledge of Latvian will help to know and understand the structure of sentences and similarities in many words. Pronunciation mostly corresponds to the written form, so the words are easy to find in the dictionary.

Knowledge of languages ​​is a wealth that no one can take away. Knowledge of any language enriches a person, as well as improves memory and concentration. People who speak several languages ​​are more likely to find a better-paid job. Skills acquired in Lithuanian private lessons would give you numerous advantages.

Why should you study Lithuanian language at online courses?

Online learning is becoming more and more relevant today. Private online lessons in Lithuanian do not lower the level of knowledge acquisition; on the contrary, online language learning is even more effective, as it is possible to learn at any time and place. It is an excellent opportunity to learn something new, even for those whose daily life is dynamic. Online learning is relevant and appropriate for people of all ages, as all you need is a computer or a smartphone, an internet connection and a desire to learn. Come and attend Lithuanian language courses at the online language school WebTeachers now!

Do you offer Lithuanian language courses for companies?

Yes, the language school WebTeachers offers Lithuanian language courses for companies both individually and in groups. Teachers will help you achieve all your language-related professional goals.

Why you should choose WebTeachers for your enterprise:

● training is subordinated to your goals, time and opportunities;
● we offer friendly prices and the possibility to divide payments into parts;
● skills and progress are tested;
● it is possible to attend classes at any time and place;
● a certificate is issued at the end of the course.

Lithuanian language courses

Objectives of learning one-by-one

The online private lessons offered by WebTeachers will help you achieve your goals. They will be suitable if:

● You want to improve conversational language.
● Lithuanian language skills are needed for work needs;
● You need to prepare for a language exam;
● You want to improve your grammar.
● You need knowledge in specific areas, such as business and medicine;
● You are going to study in Lithuania;
● You are going to talk to Lithuanian friends.


About the Lithuanian language

Lithuanian, like Latvian, belongs to the Baltic language group of the Indo-European language family. It is one of the oldest languages ​​in the world. In the 3rd century BC, the Baltic coast was inhabited by ancient Baltic tribes, who started the Latvian and Lithuanian languages' beginnings. It is not for nothing that these two languages ​​are considered very similar, as historically they developed together until the 13th century. There are two dialects in Lithuanian - Samogitian and Upper Saxon. Accented and unstressed consonants distinguish them.

The Lithuanian alphabet consists of 32 Latin letters. The longest word in Lithuanian consists of 37 letters, but Lithuanians do not use it in everyday life. There can be more than 147 forms of a single adjective, so it is not for nothing that anthropologists believe that learning and using the Lithuanian language trains and promotes the brain.

From ancient times, Lithuanians have created people's names related to nature, and the most popular ones have remained to this day. For example, the woman's name Rūta denotes and symbolizes a flower, but Eglė - spruce.

Lithuanians care about their language, so various events are organized to protect it from English and Russian influence to keep the Lithuanian language as authentic as possible. Lithuanians are proud that their language is one of the oldest and resembles ancient Latin, Greek and Sanskrit or ancient Indo-European.

Lithuanian language in the world

More than 4 million people use Lithuanian, but in Lithuania, where it is the only official language, about 3 million people speak it. Outside Lithuania, the Lithuanian language is mostly spoken in the neighbouring countries - Latvia, Poland, Belarus, Estonia. However, the Lithuanian language has spread further globally, reaching the United States, Brazil, Great Britain, Sweden and other countries. Due to historical events, approximately 1.3 million Lithuanians live outside their home country. There are about 40 Lithuanian communities worldwide, thanks to which Lithuanian traditions, language and culture can exist outside Lithuania. Also, Lithuanian language courses are offered in many countries worldwide, which promotes the spread and development of the Lithuanian language.

Lithuanian online language courses

About Lithuania

At present, Lithuania is only the largest of all three Baltic States, with less than 3 million. In 1009, Lithuania was first registered as a country, but its origins can be traced back even earlier, namely, 10 thousand years before our era. Although Lithuania has historically experienced many cruel events, Lithuanians are proud of the country's rich and variegated history, as well as its national heritage and language. The capital, Vilnius, is home to the Old Town, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. In 2009, Vilnius was recognised as one of the European Capitals of Culture.

At present, Lithuania, like the other Baltic states, is in the European Union. Wholesale and retail trade, transport and tourism have been the most critical sectors of the Lithuanian economy. The main export partners are Latvia, Poland, Germany, Russia and the USA. In 2019, Lithuania ranked 11th among the countries with the most favourable and free environment for starting their own business.

Lithuanians are also active and ambitious in science, developing technologies used by NATO and NASA. Lithuanian scientists are proud of the technologies created by soldiers and medics and the applications in smartphones, which have been very successful in the Internet environment.

Interesting facts

Lithuania is known for its traditional food - zeppelins, named in honour of the German airship or aircraft - Zeppelin. You can see the similarity in the forms of food and airship. Speaking of traditions, in Lithuania Easter eggs are not carried by the Easter bunny, but by the Easter grandmother - the bunny is only an assistant.

A woman's family status can be determined by the suffix added at the end of the surname. If the ending is '-ienė' ', then the woman is married, but for women who are not married, the ending of the surname is' -ytė '' or '' -aitė ''.

interesting facts

How much do private lessons in Lithuanian cost?

Language school WebTeachers Lithuanian language price range is approximately ~ 6-30 EUR per hour. The price of the courses also depends on the teacher's level of knowledge and qualifications. Suppose you want the teacher's native language to be Lithuanian. In that case, the lessons will be a little more expensive than with a teacher whose native language is not. The price is also affected by the language in which the courses are conducted.

At a language school, it is possible to learn languages ​​for adults and children. It is possible to learn the language both in private lessons and in group lessons. The prices of group lessons differ from the costs of private lessons.

We will make a specially designed plan for everyone to learn the Lithuanian language as quickly and efficiently as possible.