Private Italian lessons and courses online and in Riga at any convenient place and time

Private Italian lessons and courses online and in Riga

Why is Italy an interesting country?

Italy is one of the smaller Western European countries, but its beautiful nature and unique charm can enchant any tourist.

There is no doubt that everyone dreams about Italy, Rome, the famous Italian pizza, pasta, and wine. These are just some of the things that made Italy the fifth most popular tourist destination in the world.

Going to Italy, experiencing its cultures, and communicating with its people in Italian is certainly everyone’s dream. To fulfil these dreams, WebTeachers offers private Italian lessons that are available online, in Riga and everywhere in Latvia.

In this article, you will find out:

● Why should you learn Italian?
● Why should you take private Italian lessons online?
● How many lessons does is take to learn Italian?
● Learning objectives of private lessons
● Private Italian lessons for companies
● The Italian language and its origins
● The cost of private Italian lessons


Why should you learn Italian?

Italian language courses let you learn Italian via group lessons and individual lesson at any place and time that is convenient for you. This is a great opportunity for students to acquire additional knowledge and professional competencies.


Italy is the country of art, because more than sixty per cent of all world-famous works of art of various types were created in Italy, so if you are fond of art, learning Italian will make it much easier for you to study and understand it.

It is interesting to note that Italian is the language of art across the world.


The type art beloved everywhere in the world is music, and most operas are written in Italian.

The Italian language is well suited for singing because of its long vowels and soft consonants. After finishing your Italian course, you will become a true connoisseur of opera and will be able to understand the meaning of musical tragedies and comedies. Musicians typically spend many years learning about Italian opera in great detail.


An interesting fact about Italy is that the Italians have the highest number of word to describe food. It is no secret that one of the reasons Italy is so appealing to many people is because it is the culinary leader among countries. Speaking Italian will not only allow you to find the best restaurants, but will also let choose the best food.

Even though pizza and pasta usually come to mind when we think about Italy, the history and traditions of Italian cuisine are very diverse. There are many opportunities to learn about Italian cuisine and recipes. The best people to teach the Italian traditions are those who were born and raised in Italy. This language is used in the names of many types of food and cooking techniques, which can make learning much more difficult for those who do not speak Italian.


Speaking Italian can help you succeed in business. The trademark “Made in Italy” is the third most popular trademark after such leaders as Visa and Coca-Cola. It is difficult to start a business in Italy without knowing at least the basics of Italian. Therefore, if you have a start-up idea, then you just have to learn Italian, and your road to success will be much smoother. At least in theory.

Italy is one of the largest economies of the modern world, and many companies are looking for employees who can speak Italian.

More than 7,000 US companies do business with Italy and more than a thousand have agencies in Italian cities. Learning Italian may open up new opportunities for your business. Italian language courses will also provide you with additional career opportunities even if you live in Latvia, because Italian skills will be seen as an advantage in most companies.

The Italian language and its origins

The roots of Italian can be found in the Latin language. The language started to developed after the fall of the Roman Empire in the 5th century AD. Currently, about 85 million people across the world speak Italian, of them about 67 million are native speakers. Italian is an official language in Italy, Switzerland, Vatican, and San Marino and a recognised minority language in three more countries: Slovenia, Croatia, and Brazil. A little over a million people speak Italian in the United States of America.

On the language tree, Italian is a part of the Romance language group, which are the languages that stem from Latin. This language has a rich history influenced by the European colonisation and the existence of the Holy Roman Empire and the German Roman Empire. It was transformed through its use in art and culture. It is an old and respected language.

Fluent spoken Italian is a valuable skill to possess, but not an easy one to acquire, unless you were born in Italy. There are many different facts about that you can learn about Italian, since it is an old language.

Italian is taught in many schools across the world, but usually not as the first foreign language, but as the second or third. An interesting fact is that there are only 21 letters in the Italian alphabet. The language school WebTeachers offers you the opportunity to learn Italian through online courses by using specially prepared learning materials that will help you understand the pronunciation, grammar, and writing.

The Italian language and its origins


Why should you take private Italian lessons online?

Online Italian language courses by WebTeachers let you acquire the language in the best possible way thanks to our individual approach. Our professional Italian language teachers will not only teach you the language, but will also help you to determine your learning goals.

These courses are useful for learners of any level, whether you already have some knowledge of Italian, or not. While it is not impossible to learn Italian through self-study, you will need to work with a professional Italian language teacher in order to understand the finer nuances of the language. Online language courses make this task much easier.

What are the benefits of taking private Italian lessons online?

People are beginning to value their free time and to understand how much time they waste every day by moving from place to place. By taking online courses, you can choose the place and time for learning yourself.

Many people worry, because they are not sure that online courses are just as effective as traditional individual Italian lessons. Many people are asking the question “How easy is it to learn Italian?” Here, we can guarantee that the only things you need to successfully learn Italian are a computer or a smartphone, a connection to the internet and the desire to learn. You can rely on our Italian language teachers to help you with everything else.

Motivation and effort are the key to success, so just do it, and you will succeed! Stop wondering why learn Italian, and just take this step to acquiring a deeper understanding of the language.

Why should you choose courses by WebTeachers?

● There are different types of Italian online courses: individual Italian lessons, group lessons, and intensive Italian language courses;
● here at the language school WebTeachers, students have the unique opportunity to find a suitable Italian language teacher who is also a native speaker;
● you can choose one of many tutors, all of whom are professionals and perform their work well;
● individual private lessons are taught through Skype;
● the students are able to choose any day and time that is convenient for them – this is considered to be one the main advantages of online classes.

Come and learn Italian with us! Private Italian lessons by WebTeachers are suitable for people who already have some experience in learning Italian and for those who are just starting out.

Perhaps you are full of doubt and are wondering how easy is it to learn Italian?

Our Italian language teachers can help you to find the answer to this question. Do not forget that language skills are an invaluable personal treasure, so now is the best time to start learning a language!

What are the benefits of taking private Italian lessons online?

How many lessons does it take to learn Italian?

The Italian language, as any other language, can be learned in many different ways. You can learn a language under the guidance of a teacher at a school or a course, or through self-study.

The amount of time it takes to learn a language depends on the method of study chosen. Private Italian lessons is the most effective way to learn a language in your free time. Intensive Italian language courses are available for those who have no time to spare.

Private Italian language teachers will find a personal approach to each student and will help them create a personalised learning plan. For these reasons, we offer a fast-paced intensive Italian language course for students who are ready for full immersion.

The most familiar way of learning languages is the traditional approach of going to language classes with a private teacher or in group sessions.

Another way of language learning that is in high demand right now is online language courses. The main advantages of online courses are that you can save time and that you are able to study anywhere.

In wake of the current pandemic, it is desirable to avoid contact with people, which is why distance learning is becoming even more popular. Not only employers and employees, but also teachers and students are beginning to understand how convenient online learning can be, while providing the same efficiency as traditional courses.

Due to this situation, we expect that the demand for online course will continue to rise. Individual Italian lessons take place online, but that does not stop the teacher and the student from being able to communicate successfully.

The process of learning Italian through private lessons

Before attending Italian lessons, everyone should set themselves a goal for learning a new language. Our Italian tutors will help you to organise your learning goals and will create a personalised schedule for you. A structured study plan will enable you to learn all the nuances of the language.

What is taught at Italian language courses by WebTeachers?

You can learn the following by attending Italian language courses by WebTeachers:

● Italian grammar;
● Italian phrases;
● Italian basics;
● Italian pronunciation;
● spoken Italian.

Italian language courses online

Our courses, especially the intensive Italian language courses, may seem difficult for beginners, but the personal approach of our tutors will help you to get on the right track. Together, you will learn the basics of Italian, grammar of spoken Italian, and Italian pronunciation. These aspects usually seem the most challenging to beginners.

This is a short introduction to Italian pronunciation:

Group Italian lessons

It is also possible to learn Italian through group lessons.

Students are divided into groups based on their level of Italian, so that there is a relaxed atmosphere to the sessions. There is no single perfect approach for every student. Our students can determine their desired tempo of learning during lessons, and their feedback will be implemented into the course. Because the goal of the lessons is to raise the level of the students’ spoken Italian, lesson gradually become harder, and students’ understanding will also improve.

By combining all of your newly-acquired skills you will able to impress your family and friends. New career and leisure opportunities will open up to you, and your insight into art and culture will deepen.

Italian language courses for companies

Language school WebTeachers offers Italian language courses for companies. It is possible to learn Italian individually or in groups. Our experienced teachers will help you to achieve your professional goals. Registering your company's employees for an Italian language course is a great opportunity to learn the basics of Italian and some specialised vocabulary.

Why should your company choose WebTeachers?

You will gain many different benefits by choosing WebTeachers as your partner in Italian language acquisition:

● the client is free to set any learning goals;
● WebTeachers offers friendly prices;
● the client determines the time, place, and length of lessons;
● we issue certificates after the course is finished;
● we offer various tests to the students.

The main goal of these lessons is to improve your level of Italian and to teach you to speak it fluently. A study plan for achieving your goals is created and implemented in the lessons. For a faster progress it is recommended to practise outside of classroom and work.

Different types of professional and entertainment content are offered to the students to facilitate learning and to improve their understanding of the language. High-quality learning materials can be helpful and beneficial for both beginners and experienced students.

Therefore, if you and your colleagues would like to learn Italian, you can click here and register right now.


The cost of private Italian lessons

The cost of the Italian language courses for adults and children offered by WebTeachers depends on several factors, for example, the level of preliminary knowledge or the desired speed of learning.

The fee depends on the qualifications of the teacher and whether they are a native speaker of Italian. WebTeachers offers group lessons and individual Italian lessons. We have to take into consideration how prepared the student is and how quickly they are ready to progress. These are the best language courses for adults, because we offer a unique personalised study plan for each student who wishes to study in order to achieve their goals.

The price of a single private Italian lesson is in the range of 6 to 30 EUR. The actual price may differ, because it is the tutors who set the prices.