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Online Latvian Language Courses

Learn How to Speak Latvian with Probably The Best Latvian Language Course Online

WebTeachers Latvian language course online is the fastest way how to learn Latvian language from home or in Riga.

In Latvia, language is considered the basis of national identity and part of its diverse cultural heritage. It reflects the history and culture of the Latvian people, as well as other areas of society.

Suppose someone wants to understand what they think, what they feel, and the values ​​the Latvian people have. In that case, they will not be able to do it without knowing the Latvian language.

Latvian language skills are of great value, which allows you to get to know the folk culture and make new friends and acquaintances.

So, if you want to learn how to speak Latvian and are looking for the best Latvian language courses that are available online - this is it!

Read this article to find information on how to apply for these online Latvian language lessons.

On top of that, these lessons are good for beginner speakers and experienced students. That’s because our teaching method will motivate you to learn and practice your Latvian skills.

In this article, you will learn

Keep on reading and you will learn the following:

❏ Why learn Latvian?
❏ Why study Latvian language courses online?
❏ How long does it take to learn Latvian?
❏ Private lesson learning objectives
❏ Do you offer Latvian language courses for companies?
❏ How much do Latvian language courses cost at WebTeachers?
Latvian language course for children

WebTeachers online Latvian language courses provide an opportunity to start and continue learning. In a way, this is the best place where to learn latvian.

During the course, you can develop speaking skills, widen your vocabulary and learn to write and read correctly in Latvian.

Our group classes will level up your communication and language skills. After the lessons, you will be able to watch the news or read a book without the help from Google Translate.


Why learn the Latvian language?

Did you know that Latvian is the official language of the Republic of Latvia?

Travelers are often fascinated by this fact. Because one of the first questions people ask when arriving here is “what do they speak in Latvia?”. That's because it's quite hard to believe such a small nation has such a unique language.

In fact, more than 60% of Latvians have Latvian as their mother tongue. Latvian is sometimes considered to be the new language of a new country.

Still, in reality, it is one of the oldest European languages. Latvian language belongs to the Baltic branch of the Indo-European language family.

Today, only two living Baltic languages ​​remain - Latvian and Lithuanian. Despite their kinship, it is difficult for speakers of both languages ​​to understand each other.

Online Latvian Language Courses

Even though Russian is quite common in Latvia, living in Latvia knowing the language is a must.

For example, state institutions mostly speak only the state language, so it will be easier for those who speak Latvian to draw up the necessary documents or receive the required service.

Even when looking for a paid job, one can often face that knowledge of the Latvian language is necessary. In only a few areas, such as information technology, is the working language English. While you can experience English in most news and on TV, Latvian speakers will enjoy people speaking their mother tongue.

In other areas, the Latvian language must be known at least at a basic level. In general, the better the job, the higher the language requirements.

Latvian language learning on your own is difficult and requires more effort. Some are starting to learn, but they lack the motivation to continue developing the language skills. So, if you want to learn to speak Latvian, you will have to contribute to the whole process.

What’s great WebTeachers online latvian language teachers will explain everything there is to know about the language and how to speak Latvian. Our group classes and individual lessons aim to teach you common phrases, grammar, letters of the alphabet and listen to audio files and other useful resources.

With all this, you will become a Latvian speaker in no time.

Those who have heard the Latvian language notice that this language is unique and very melodic.

There is a feeling that Latvians are singing, not talking.

This impression is probably since the language has short and long vowels. Sometimes, the length of the vowel even changes the meaning of the words. However, the Latvian language is not very complicated, and everyone has the opportunity to learn it. Best way to learn latvian is to have lessons from a tutor that involves practicing your language skills at home or with your friends.

Online Latvian Language Courses

Why study Latvian language course online?

Learning Latvian online is convenient and practical because you can do it without leaving home.

You can adjust the study to your schedule and do not have to spend time on the road.

In fact, the student can be anywhere in the world, it will not interfere with language learning. Those who previously could not start learning a new language due to lack of time can now study at work, on break and in another place convenient for them.

Online lessons not only save people time and money, but online education also provides new opportunities. Just in case you are already living in Latvia, you can learn latvian in Riga and you will get both - new skills and a chance to meet new people.

There is a perception that learning a language online cannot help develop conversational and reading skills. However, when choosing the right courses, students speak, read and write a lot in the selected language.

It was noticed that students are less shy to speak a foreign language online than in person in front of other students, thus improving their conversational skills faster. Because the training is individual, the teacher can pay more attention to how the student speaks and adjust the pronunciation of words. To thoroughly learn the language, you only need a computer equipped with a webcam and a microphone.

Learning Latvian online is beneficial because the price is lower than in face-to-face classes. When purchasing a larger number of lessons, a pleasant discount is applied.

Furthermore, the Latvian language teachers give language courses in latvian for international students, job seekers, and anyone who’s interested, and help them with any language obstacles they may come across.

It is possible to choose a teacher whose mother tongue is Latvian. So, the teachers are able to prepare for the citizenship exam and the certification of the state language.

WebTeachers offers to start learning Latvian hassle free and the best part is, the first introductory lesson is free.

Need to prepare for Latvian language exam?

Are you ready to take your Latvian language exam? Preparing for a language test can be intimidating and overwhelming, but don't worry – with some knowledge and practice, you can ace it! Start by familiarizing yourself with the structure of the exam. This will help you understand what topics are covered and how the questions are formatted. You should also practice with sample tests to get an idea of what types of questions you may be asked. Then, make sure to brush up on the key grammar and vocabulary topics that are likely to be included in the exam. Finally, don't forget to practice writing and speaking in Latvian. This will help you get comfortable with the language and boost your confidence on the day of the exam. With a little bit of effort and dedication, you can easily pass your Latvian language exam and our teachers are always here to help you. Good luck!

How long does it take to learn Latvian?

There is no set number of classes to guarantee that you will learn the Latvian language. It depends on how long the Latvian language is taught and if you practice it in your free time.

Still, since the courses are private lessons, we guarantee a much higher and faster language learning efficiency than attending standard Latvian language courses.

The more you learn, the faster you will learn the language. WebTeachers recommends learning at least 2x a week to speed up the language learning process. Once you start learning, you will be able to communicate with your fellow students and teachers and get the hang of conversational latvian language.

You will get the chance to learn latvian online and make up your own schedule so you can achieve all of your goals at your own pace.

latvian language course online

WebTeachers Latvian language lessons online are tailored to each person individually. According to his / her skills and needs, a qualified teacher evaluates the student and develops an appropriate curriculum and language learning speed. The teacher motivates the student and encourages overcoming obstacles in language learning. Thanks to this approach, learning Latvian is more comfortable and more efficient.

Online Latvian Language Courses

Private lesson learning objectives

WebTeachers teachers will help you achieve your language learning goals, whatever they may be! Study Latvian language private lessons:

❏ to improve the conversational language;
❏ for work purposes;
❏ prepare for a language exam;
❏ improve grammar;
❏ to enhance knowledge of specific areas, such as medicine, business, etc .;
❏ to talk to Latvian friends.

Do you offer Latvian language courses for companies?

Yes, we work with companies! We offer both group and individual Latvian language courses for companies. WebTeachers professional trainers will help to implement any kind of foreign language learning projects. Learning latvian in Riga or at a location that’s convenient to you without a doubt is one of the easiest ways to master a new language.

So, why choose WebTeachers:

❏ Place, duration and time of classes of your choice;
❏ We work to achieve your language learning goals as soon as possible;
❏ We create collective and individual knowledge tests before starting classes;
❏ We follow the attendance of classes and the progress of knowledge;
❏ At the end of the course, a certificate is issued to all participants;
❏ Friendly prices and the ability to make split payments.

Online Latvian Language Courses

How much do Latvian language courses cost at WebTeachers?

If you are ready to learn Latvian, there are 2 things you need to decide:

  1. If you want your teacher to be Latvian native or none-native speaker,
  2. And if you prefer private or group lessons.

Suppose you want the teacher's native language to be Latvian?

In that case, the lessons will be a little bit more expensive than with a teacher whose native language is not Latvian.

Nonetheless, native speaking teachers are always the best choice when attending latvian language courses if you are a foreigner. You will spend a little bit more but will master the language a lot faster.

Having said that, the price of the course will depend on the teacher's qualifications, experience and level of knowledge.

Without a doubt, these are the best language courses for adults and children, as each will have an individual lesson plan to achieve their goals while the teacher will offer all the guidance the students might need.

Once you have decided if you want to have a native or non-native Latvian speaker, the next is to figure out if you want Private or Group lessons. This is another deciding factor that determines the price.

Upon deciding on your preferences, the approximate price range of Latvian language courses is from 6 to 30 EUR per lesson.

Now, in case you decided to master the Latvian language, is to sign-up to WebTeacher’s platform and find the teacher that matches all your criteria.