Online Latvian Language Courses

Online Latvian Language Courses

Want to try to learn Latvian? Forward! You will love and enjoy it! How to start? Where to study? Of course, there are many different ways to learn Latvian. Most importantly, starting with any new language, you have to prepare and find a suitable training solution for you. Traditionally, you can choose your studies on-site or vice versa - out-of-class if there is work, studies and other leisure time interests.

Latvian is one of the few languages ​​of a minority with very deep and strong roots of culture, which has many historically renewed, and newly created names and special Latvian language. It is a fairly modern and relatively new language, whose development began around the 15th century. The Latvian language also has several names borrowed from other languages ​​and sounds similar to other languages.

Why study Latvian?

About 2.3 million people worldwide speak Latvian. About 1.8 million of them live in Latvia, where it is the only state language, while the rest resides in countries such as Finland, Estonia, Lithuania, Ireland, England, United States of America, Australia, Germany, Canada, Denmark, Sweden, Iceland, Russia , Brazil and elsewhere.

The advanced and advanced non-standard Latvian language courses are offered by our WebTeachers. This site overthrows the myths that languages ​​are hard and long to learn. No matter how revolutionary it sounds, WebTeachers offer to choose their own time, budget, and difficulty level.

Moreover, such online Latvian language courses are not intended only for those who are only beginning to think about Latvian, but also for anyone who wants to improve and develop the Latvian language skills.

Online Latvian Language Lessons

How Do Online Latvian Language Lessons Work?

The philosophy of the Webteachers site is based on the opportunities offered by modern technology in foreign language learning, time and space flexibility and advanced learning. With advanced learning, this will mean that every client will be provided with high-quality individual classes in Skype. This in turn ensures that you, as a student, achieve high levels of language proficiency and motivation. Right after that, your current skills and learning content will also be determined.

Webteachers offer 3 lesson plans with a different number of lessons. For the beginner, the full course program with 30 lessons, which is the most expensive and the least expensive in the price, is best suited.

Behind this is followed by a 10 lesson plan, which is more recommended to those who do not know how many lessons are ready and who want to keep fit online. This lesson plan is also useful if you have lived abroad for some time or returned to Latvia and the Latvian language is indecisive.

Still not sure whether to take great classes? There is no problem - this is also the case for a demo course with 1 lesson, plus free.

To sum up, linguistic knowledge is a wealth that nobody can take away and which can never be too much. Those who have learned this language are getting happier, especially if life starts in such a wonderful country as Latvia! Do not wait, apply for online Latvian language courses and feel the new way and adventures. You will definitely enjoy it!

1 Latvian Lessons

What will you receive?

Are you looking to find out how Webteachers’ courses work? We will give you an extra lesson for free as we believe that it is hard to fully understand how the learning process works from just one language lesson.

11,90 €

10 Latvian Lessons

What will you receive?

Are you looking to improve your language skills? This 10 lesson plan will be adjusted to your needs. For example, if you would like to improve your grammar, then your teacher will focus on that. We suggest starting with 10 lesson package as there will be enough time for your teacher to adjust the course to your language needs in order to achieve the best results.

101,15 €

30 Latvian Lessons

What will you receive?

You must be serious about learning a language! With the 30 lesson plan, you will receive the best price, giving you the best outcome as well. Choosing this language lesson plan will show that you are determined to achieve your goals. We are here to help you with that!

254,15 €