Finnish language course

Would you like to learn Finnish? Are you looking for a course on Finnish?

Online language school WebTeachers offers you to take Finnish courses online, so that you are able to combine your lessons with your work, studies, or hobbies. You do not need to have any background knowledge to learn Finnish online through WebTeachers courses. The language lessons are adapted to your learning speed, your schedule, and your skills.


In this article, you will find out:

● What are the benefits of learning Finnish?
● Why should you take Finnish courses online?
● Finnish language courses for companies
● Goals of Finnish private lessons
● About the Finnish language
● About Finland
● Interesting facts
● What is the price of a Finnish language course?


What are the benefits of learning Finnish?

If you are interested in the most complex languages in the world, then Finnish is certainly one of them. In reality, it is quite possible to grasp the complex Finnish grammar by applying logic. Another feature that makes Finnish possible to learn is that every word is pronounced exactly as written. If you have some background knowledge of Estonian or Hungarian, then learning Finnish may seem easier to you. At the very least, you can be proud of yourself for learning one of the most complex and privileged languages.

Finnish language course

Even though Swedish is the second official language in Finland, most workplaces demand the ability to speak Finnish. In case you decide to study in Finland, it also preferable to speak the language. Those are not the only reasons why one could find it necessary to take a Finnish language course. If your goal is to acquire the citizenship of Finland, then you have to be proficient in Finnish.

Nowhere in the world can you find as many heavy metal bands as in Finland. If you are interested in Finnish heavy metal music, then it is worth to attend a Finnish language course and learn some Finnish, because most lyrics are written in Finnish, or English, or using a combination of both.

Private Finnish lessons offer many advantages. If you speak Finnish, then you have more chances of finding well-paid jobs in Finland or a position in a Finnish company elsewhere in the world. You will find it easier to take care of legal matters and to start new business relationships or friendships.

What are the benefits of learning Finnish?

Why should you take Finnish courses online?

Online language classes are becoming more popular nowadays. There are many advantages to online classes – you can save time by learning at a convenient place and time. You can easily combine online classes with university studies, work, and hobbies. Take an online Finnish language course through the language school WebTeachers today!

Finnish language courses for companies

Language school WebTeachers offers language courses for companies to complete foreign language acquisition projects and to meet the needs of the business. Both group sessions and private Finnish lessons are possible.

Why should you choose WebTeachers:

● you are free to choose the time, place, and duration of your lessons;
● affordable prices and the possibility to pay in instalments;
● group and individual tests;
● we follow your progress and attendance of classes;
● you receive a certificate after finishing the course.


Goals of Finnish private lessons

Experienced teachers from WebTeachers will help to reach your language leaning goals and apply them in practice. Learn Finnish through private lessons to:

● improve your speaking skills and grammar;
● use the language in your work, studies, or travel;
● prepare for language exams;
● improve your knowledge of specialised areas such as business or others;
● learn to communicate with your Finnish friends.


About the Finnish language

Finnish is the state language of Finland and an official language of the European Union, and it is also used in a number of other countries, for example, in Sweden, Estonia, Norway, Canada, and Russia.

Finnish belongs to the Finno-Ugric language family. There are 29 letters in the Finnish alphabet and it was originally based on the Swedish alphabet. The primary stress falls on the first syllable of the word. In order to differentiate between words, one has to pay attention to the length of vowel and consonants. The longest Finnish word is written with 61 letters.

The development of the Finnish language has been influenced by the history of Finland. Finnish is divided into two dialect groups – Eastern and Western. Nowadays, regional differences of dialects become less pronounced and the ability to use a dialect has become a rare and prestigious skill. The use of dialects in literature has become more common. A popular and developed variety of the language, especially among the youth, is the Helsinki slang, which a regional variety of the colloquial language. It formed in the period between the late 19th century and the early 20th century, when Swedish was still the dominant language in Helsinki, but due to an increasing number of Finns moving in, it was being gradually replaced. Helsinki slang was also influenced by other foreign languages – Russian and English.

About Finland

Finland is situated in Northern Europe and it has one of the largest territories in the European Union. Currently, about 5.5 million people live in Finland, 92% of whom are Finns and around 6% are Swedes. Both Swedish and Finnish are official languages in Finland.

About Finland

The capital of Finland is Helsinki. The city is known in Europe for its world-class ferries. Other people, however, know Finland thanks to Lapland, which is thought to the home of Santa Claus. People visit this place even in summer. In Lapland, you can order Christmas greeting cards, or have a chat and take a photo with Santa.

 Finland is the happiest country in the world! Why? In 2019, Finland was named the happiest country of the world for the second time in a row by the United Nations owing to many factors. For example, high life expectancy, low corruption level, a developed welfare system, and the general quality of life. Finland even has its own professor of happiness, who has been studying the Finnish happiness since 1969. According to his observations and research, the level of happiness among Finns has not dropped since the beginning of the study.


 Interesting facts

 There are many different versions of where the country’s name comes from. According to one version, the word is Baltic in origin and means “land”. Another version tells us that the name of the country is connected to a word that means “swampland”. A notable fact is that swamps take up 26% of Finland’s territory, but the biggest treasure of the country is its forests – they take up 57% of the territory.

Interesting facts about Finland

Do you why Finland is sometimes called “the land of a thousand lakes”? Even though lakes take up only 9% of the territory, there are more than 188 thousand lakes with an area larger than 500 m² in Finland.


What is the price of a Finnish language course?

The price of Finnish language courses depends on various factors. WebTeachers offers to learn Finnish for both adults and children. The price can be influenced by a person's level of knowledge and how quickly the language needs to be understood and how much the training needs to be adapted to the student. We offer to learn the language both with and without prior knowledge. We will adjust and find the most suitable teacher, regardless of your specific learning goals.

We also offer to learn Finnish in groups, which is also one factor that affects the price. We will create an individually developed study plan for each student if the studies take place in private lessons.

Prices for private lessons in Finnish range from ~ 6-30 EUR per hour.