Estonian Language courses

Estonian language courses online are the most advantageous and comfortable way to learn the language from home! Estonia is a progressive and modern country that can offer many tempting opportunities. To make better use of the provided options, it will be necessary to learn Estonian. Skills of the language will help everyday communication, understand things, and know its culture itself. Thus, the WebTeachers platform offers online Estonian language lessons that will be easier to combine with other everyday needs and activities.

In this article, we will introduce you to the most important:

● Why should you learn Estonian language?
● Why should you learn Estonian online?
● Estonia - as a stopover for the future;
● Benefits of attending courses online;
● About the language and country itself;
● Courses for enterprises;
● What is the price of Estonian language courses?


Why should you learn Estonian language?

Estonia is a modern country. It is considered one of the most modern countries in the world. It is highly advanced in the digital and technological fields, and it is an indication that its future is bright. As we can see and understand, the world is currently evolving rapidly, and we are living in an age of technology. Probably because of this, Estonia can be a stopover for you and your career, or private life can be related to it, so Estonian language courses would be the ones that would only help you.

Maybe you are also interested in languages ​​and are currently thinking exactly which one to learn? For example, learning Estonian would make you unique and special, because as you know, 1.3 million people worldwide speak Estonian, which is only 0.01% of people worldwide. New knowledge can open up new career opportunities for you and also change your own life.

If your ancestors came from Estonia and have Estonian roots, this language course would allow you to know and understand your family tree in more detail and continue your family traditions. Perhaps your distant relatives live in Estonia, and thus full communication with them would bring benefits such as making new friendships and connections that would only brighten your life.

You call yourself a "citizen of the world" and look for a country to settle in? Estonia could be an ideal option. It is a small, peaceful and northern country with grateful living conditions, high economic performance and a bright future. Not bad for a small country, is it?

Estonian Language courses

Why should you learn Estonian online?

Of course, studying online requires a little discipline. The teacher will not be able to sit next to you and supervise your study process, and you may also be disturbed by some side things. But it must be remembered that all achievements and goals are achieved through discipline. Maybe you think that it is impossible to learn Estonian online. And if we look from the bright side, online courses have the potential to give you more...

Advantages of online courses:

● The teacher pays more and more attention to the student because these are private lessons;
● It is more convenient to attend courses and study;
● Special adaptation for the student;
● possibility to develop a specialized course plan, which includes time, pace and goal factors;
● Saving time and energy resources;


Estonia - a stopover for the future

The territory of Estonia is unique and known for its forests and many islands. The small area is not an obstacle to more than 1,500 islands. Meanwhile, about half of Estonia's territory is covered by forests. It is one of the least populous countries in the European Union. But even a small population is not an obstacle to the country's prosperity.

The country has the right living conditions and a bright future, following the world's trends and innovations. Since 2010, economic indicators in the country are only growing. For example, Estonia is listed in the top of the Human Development Index, which shows the population's level of education, values, ​​and quality of life. Estonia is grateful for the conditions for starting and starting a business. It is in the high 16th Place in the international top "Countries where it is easiest to start a business".

Estonia is a land of opportunity because it is modern, with its potential and quality living conditions. As we know, there is one who changes.

Why should you learn Estonian online?

The benefits of learning the Estonian language

WebTeachers teachers will help you achieve your language learning goals, no matter how specific. The courses will be useful for:

● Improving conversational language;
● For work and career needs;
● They will also help to improve grammar;
● Learn terms and specific words (will be useful in the career path);
● Getting to know the people and culture.

The courses will help you achieve any chosen goal. The WebTeachers offer is also unique because you study only what you need; thus, you will save time and money!

Start learning Estonian now! Private Estonian language lessons will add value to your career development.


Language characteristics and origin

The prehistory of the Estonian language can be found as far back as the 13th century. Meanwhile, the first books in this language were printed in the early 16th century. In the 19th century, the Estonian language experienced its rapid development and spread within the country, as the Enlightenment ideas took over Europe. At that time, the number of articles and books published in Estonian increased rapidly. As time goes on and the language develops, it is now known to more than 1.3 million people. The language belongs to the Finno-Ugric language group, which is related to the Finnish language. It is not for nothing that if you know Finnish, you will quickly learn Estonian language and vice versa. Since Estonia regained its independence, the only official language in the country is Estonian.

It is hard to learn Estonian language, as it has long composites and 14 inflexions, but from a bright point of view, the language has no female names and verbs in the future. Its alphabet contains 32 letters of Latin origin. The alphabet is peculiar in that it contains letters with special diacritical marks Õ, Ö, Ä, Ü , which change their pronunciation.

Courses for enterprises

WebTeachers also offers corporate courses. For example, online Estonian language courses for groups or companies. Teachers will help to implement any foreign language learning projects. If your colleagues need to learn Estonian language, you are in the right place

Why choose WebTeachers:

● Place, duration and time of classes of your choice;
● We work to achieve your language learning goals as soon as possible;
● We create collective and individual knowledge tests before starting classes;
● We follow the attendance of classes and the progress of knowledge;
● At the end of the course a certificate is issued to all participants;
● We offer friendly prices and the possibility to make split payments.

Language characteristics and origin

What is the price of Estonian language courses?

WebTeachers offers Estonian language courses for both adults and children, regardless of their level of knowledge. The price level can be affected by how fast the language needs to be learned and how much the training needs to be adapted to the student.

The price also depends on the teacher's qualifications and level of knowledge. The offer includes group lessons and individual lessons, so the cost of study courses can vary drastically.

The person's level of preparation and how fast this student is ready to learn must also be considered. These are the best language courses for adults because we will prepare an individual course plan for each person who wants to learn to achieve the set goals.

Prices for Estonian private lessons range from 6 to 30 EUR per hour.


Please choose the most suitable way of studying courses and apply for them on our website or by phone!