Turkish Language Courses

Tongue twisters are present in most languages and Turkish is no exception. For example: Birberberbirberbere gel berberberaberBerberistan’dabirberberdükkanıaçalımdemiş. – A barber told another barber “come barber, let’s start up a joint barbershop in Barberistan.” Another interesting fact is that Turkish has “vowel harmony”, meaning that a native Turkish word must have all the back vowels or all the front ones (with exceptions). Do you want to learn Turkish? WebTeachers’ Turkish language teachers are ready teach students at all levels - no matter whether they are beginners or advanced. We provide Turkish language courses on levels: A1; A2; B1; B2; C1; C2.

1 Turkish Lessons

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14,45 €

10 Turkish Lessons

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30 Turkish Lessons

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